Cable rating calculator for ships
Cross-section [mm2]  Current ratings [A]
Ambient temperature: 35 °C, yachts and boats 45 °C, engine room, galleys and laundries 40 °C 50 °C 55 °C 60 °C 65 °C 70 °C 75 °C 80 °C 85 °C
Type of service: S1 - continuous S2 - half-hour service S2 - hour service S3 - intermittent service 40% Overall diameter of the cable [mm], assumed: [mm]
Maximum permissible temperature of the conductor, °C (Insulating material): 60 °C, General purpose Polyvinyl chloride, (PVC) 70 °C, Heat resisting Polyvinyl chloride, (PVC) 85 °C, Butyl rubber 90 °C, Ethylene propylene rubber, (EPR, XLPE, HEPR, HF EPR, HF HEPR, HF XLPE, HF 90) 95 °C, Silicone rubber and mineral insulation, (S95, HF S95)
Group of cables: over 6 to 6
Cores in a cable: one core two cores three- and four-core cables Author: Daniel Czarkowski