10/2004-06/2005 (265 hrs)
Postgraduate study in Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering at Gdańsk University of Technology. Dedicated course for surveyors about hull structure graduated with overall grade: good.

2002 – 2004 (two years)
Cork Institute of Technology (IRELAND)
Position: researcher, dept. Electronic Engineering, supervisor Tom O’Mahony
Title of the project was Industrial evaluation of model-based predictive control.

10/2001-07/2002 (one year)

Master of Science Degree at Gdynia Maritime University in the field of Electrical Engineering. The subject of the diploma was Identification and optimisation the PID controller using MATLAB,
overall grade: very good.

02/2002-06/2002 (six months)
Student exchange with Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland. The title of the project was Identification and optimisation the PID parameters using MATLAB (graduated with 80%).

10/1997-09/2001 (four years)
Bachelor of Marine Electro-Automation at Gdynia Maritime University in Poland. The subject of the diploma, for which I was awarded, was Virtual modelling of the main engine (Sulzer) connected with the engine safety system – AutoChief 4, overall grade: good.

AutoCAD, MATLAB, Intergraph SmartPlant Electrical, ETAP (basics), Rittal Power Engineering, RISWAT Transit Calculator, ABB DocWin, SCADA (InTouch), PLC (SAIA, Siemens), MS Office, Windows, Linux,
Programming: PHP, JavaScript, familiarization with CMS (Content Management System).

2011, (24hrs) Intergraph SmartPlant Electrical,
2008, (8hrs) Advanced drives on ships with electric propulsion,
2007, (8hrs) Electric power quality and safety of a ship,
2006, (40hrs) Diving systems,
2006, (8hrs) Electrical insulation materials,
2006, (8 hrs) Electrical apparatus and installations for hazardous areas on ships,
2005, (16hrs) Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), (Gdansk University of Technology),
2005, (8hrs) Electromagnetic Compatibility and safety of a ship (Gdynia Maritime University),
2005, (12hrs) High voltage in shipbuilding (1kV-24kV),
2004, (40hrs) GMDSS course,
2004, (16hrs) Technical appraisals course,
2004, (8hrs) Quality management, ISO 9001,
2000, (half year) Certificate of training in tanker familiarisation,
2000, (half year) Certificate of training in liquefied gas tanker familiarisation,
2000, (half year) Certificate of training in oil tanker familiarisation,
1999, (half year) Basic and advanced fire fighting course,
1999, (two weeks) Personal safety and social responsibilities certificate,
1999, (two weeks) Certificate of training in elementary first aid,
1999, (two weeks) Personal survival techniques.